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The luxury hotels designs buildings required extraordinary site selection, then site analysis (traffic) and adjacent land use, Developers and owners of hotel buildings and brands need exceptional and luxurious design, in addition, to be built on estimated budget and within approved time schedule, and to rapidly engage potential customers.


Banan office commencing the hotel's (resort's) design process through studying the type of hotels and resort (4stars-5 stars-up to 5 stars) then analyzing owner function program and the space requirements for the hotel's operator. This phase will finish through designing sustainable, flexible buildings architectural and structural module that provides effective use in all different functions of spaces (guest rooms, public spaces - indoor parking), in all diverse floors, especially, guest rooms which is need efficient design and separate functions (bedding-living), in order to provide the largest amount of luxuries, excellent, impressive spaces. The utilization of natural resources and sustainable design to create an inspiring public image for the hotel's spaces, and characterizing graphic signs in order to guide the guest in the public spaces path ways. Finally, we present our diverse choices via floor plans, elevations, perspectives and 3D shots illustrate our luxuries ideas for your unique hotel building.


The hotels public areas (lobby-restaurants-reception-lounges) must function not only as the hotel's "front office," but also as an important transition space. The transition from an often hectic and arduous journey to the security and serenity of the hotel (resort) takes place in the public areas. If you think about it, the best public areas spaces work so well that guests do not even notice the attention to the program and planning detail. The reception desk is obvious and inviting, regardless of which entrance the guests use. People circulate effortlessly to the other spaces within the hotel. The architectural design consultant, should attempt to imagine a guest arriving at the hotel, and see how it leads to a set of criteria for the design.

The hotels (resorts) spaces especially (guest rooms – health club – spa & gym.) should be the friendly face of the hotel. The space needs a smile, so the exterior and interior created must be welcoming, warm, and friendly. Unfortunately, the designer has no influence over the staff, who must also smile their welcome. Anyone in the hospitality industry should smile a welcome at guests.


Banan office worthwhile hospitality facilities (hotels) projects through attention to certain architectural principles, for instance, provide luxuries and comfort environment for the guests, as well as providing spaces appropriate for the hotels staff comfortable and functional spaces, as the separation between the movement paths between guests paths and the movement of services, as well as giving attention to the various architectural elements reception, lobby, back of the house areas, food and beverages, guest rooms, lounges, restaurants, recreational amenities and facilities for handicapped. Additionally, the most important principles of achieving effectiveness and efficiency in blending a recreational, distinctive and luxuries milieu, Likewise, increasing the level of interest and scrutiny within a hospitality facilities context. Eventually, keeping in our mind environmental considerations in order to confront the global challenge of lack of natural resources.


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