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The showrooms designs (a cars showrooms, a fashion store, a furniture's exhibitions, a supermarket, a food store) buildings required extraordinary site analysis (traffic) and adjacent land use, Developers and owners of showrooms buildings and brands need exceptional and luxurious design, in addition, to be built on estimated budget and within approved time schedule, and to rapidly engage potential customers.


Banan office commencing the showrooms design process through complete market research to analyze competition in our clients business in order to deliver the marketability to the brand and market leaders showrooms by designing sustainable, flexible buildings architectural and structural module that provides effective use in all different functions of space in all diverse floors, starting from outdoor car parking which is need efficient design to maximize numbers of cars, in order to provide the largest number of cars to engage the largest number of visitors to the exhibition, also, achieve effective design to exhibits hall to provide a larger venue for exhibits, and utilization of natural resources and sustainable design while creating an inspiring public image, and characterizing graphic signs. Finally, we present our diverse choices via floor plans, elevations, perspectives and 3D shots illustrate our luxuries ideas for your unique showrooms (retails) building.

Business aspects in showrooms (retails) design

We design every aspect for proposed showroom (exhibition) building and interiors to enhance profitability for our clients also the brands owners, while giving owners the effective space they need for sustainable success. Moreover, we take care of details and distinctive features of each product which is improved by large moving display elements of diverse kinds of the products, create a harmonious blend of beauty and practicality.

Showrooms (retails) Architectural design Banan office philosophy

Our design was not based on a simple display, but on the realization of an extremely flexible and dynamic space, at the same time innovative and functional, that involves the visitor, with an impressive style and visual paths which enclose the whole brand spaces. The showroom is conceived as a welcoming and comfortable environment, where clients are able to experience the atmosphere and the products they are attended to purchase.


Banan is architecture and interior design office based in Cairo, Egypt, Our villas and projects located in (Cairo-Dubai-Sharjah-Abu Dhabi-Doha-Oman-Jeddah-Riyadh-Mecca-Al Madina-Dammam-Al Qusseim-Paris-London-Libya-Syria-al Khartoum-Chad-Malawi), you can browse our other projects on

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