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The best hospitals interior design guidelines required pay attention of standards, materials, the quality of health care is directly related to the quality of the healthcare interior design ideas. We create healthcare environments that complement and enhance our clients' goal to provide kindly care.

We understand that the healthcare environment is extremely complex. Our specialized team of healthcare interior designers will collaborate with the owner firm to identify and implement safe, maintainable, settings by balancing sophisticated technology with access to nature, enhancing productivity and raising morale for patients through considerate detailing and effective medical and non-medical space usage.

Banan office starts the project with client space requirements and department, then develop space's layout, this is followed by illustrating the project mood board which contains materials schemes, color scheme (monochromatic – colorful – etc…), ceiling schemes, and flooring schemes, as well as a detailed mood board of fixed and movable furniture for each space. As well as it is at the end of this phase to provide working drawings, contain all the details necessary for the executing the project include (interior designs and details-electrical and lighting designs-air conditioning-mechanical designs), and also presenting priced BOQ to provide the owner estimated budget for the project, with the possibility of a study Value Engineering, for the possibility of reducing the cost of the project by providing alternatives scalable cost to choose from, based on client's financial capabilities.

Eventually, the best interior design tips for our clients, that, we should present all of the office decorations stylish ideas in perspectives and 3D shots. Discover the latest interior design concepts for your hospital and contact us.


Banan is an interior design (décor) and architecture office based in Cairo, Egypt, Our villas and projects located in (Cairo-Dubai-Sharjah-Abu Dhabi-Doha-Oman-Jeddah-Riyadh-Mecca-Al Madina-Dammam-Al Qusseim-Paris-London-Libya-Syria-al Khartoum-Chad-Malawi), you can browse our other projects on